Environmental Education and Gardening with Children



The Lemberg Children’s Center is excited to share our year-long environmental education curriculum designed for PK-2 students, easily adaptable for ages 3-10.

This book is a flexible, creative resource for teachers, parents and community organizers, with 50 environmental education activities and carefully selected list of books and online resources. The activities are grouped by season to maximize learning opportunities during different times of year. The lessons provide enough background on each topic for educators and parents to lead environmental studies confidently, outdoors and indoors.

For those considering building a learning garden, this book provides online resources to help you get started. If you have a garden area, you will find step-by-step lesson plans to build connections with nature, healthy food choices, environmental stewardship and essential life skills.

Through these multi-sensory, hands-on activities, children develop an understanding of the interdependence of all living things while building social skills and values such as self-reliance, responsibility, observation and reflection, perseverance, curiosity, caring, gentleness, collaboration, emotional regulation and empathy.

Check out the Table of Contents and Free Sample Lessons to see how this book can energize and inspire environmental education with your children.

Your purchase supports the Lemberg Firefly Scientists’ learning garden and environmental educators.


A Curriculum for Resilience, Empathy and Health

by Janet Fuchs
​Environmental Education Director
Gersh & Sarah Lemberg Children’s Center


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