Having The Hard Conversations: War, Death, and Violence

Having The Hard Conversations: War, Death, and Violence Talking About Death With Our Kids At Different Ages Toddlers Preschoolers Age by Age  View Free Lessons Resources About War, Conflict, and Violence Conversations with Youth  Current Events: Resources related to topics about Israel/Palestine & Russia/Ukraine Videos/Media  Articles/Sites  Grief: Processing & Identifying This Big Emotion Books  Podcasts/Audio Videos/Media  Articles/Sites  View Lessons For Preschoolers Teaching & Educating as Action Books  Podcasts/Audio Videos/Media  Articles/Sites  View Lessons For Toddlers

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Teaching The Truth About Thanksgiving

Teaching The Truth About Thanksgiving AGE-APPROPRIATE ENGAGEMENT Here are some suggestions for engaging kids of all ages with Thanksgiving and Native American culture. “There’s no reason we can’t have really fun, interactive, and accurate lessons around Thanksgiving.” – National Education Association (+) = these resources can work with this age group or above in many circumstances. Not necessarily limited to the age group it is presented in. INFANTS/TODDLERS(+): Expose your children to songs, art, images, stories, people, etc that have accurate representations of Native Americans, showing narratives of indigenous peoples in the past and present. Check Out: Molly of Denali’s

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toddler girl biting adult

Beyond Biting: Gently Guiding and Supporting Toddlers

Beyond Biting: Gently Guiding and Supporting Toddlers Lemberg Children’s Center Sieara Lopez-Jones July 2022 While biting is common and developmentally appropriate amongst toddlers, it is never easy for anyone when one child hurts another. Emotions tend to flare and, oftentimes, everyone involved feels lost as to what to do next. They are left with more questions than answers: Why did my child bite? Is my child ‘bad’? Is my child being targeted? Am I doing something wrong? When infants and toddlers bite, there are many possible underlying causes that should be addressed in hopes of stopping the biting, including: Teething

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music education, multi racial parents with toddler children playing with musical instruments

The Power of Music

The Power of Music Music, oh beautiful music! It transcends barriers and brings people together like nothing else can.  Music has a way of teaching us how to get to know people better—while having the power to connect people to themselves and everything around us.  It can unite our senses! The benefits of music education for children From lullabies to birthday parties, music has always played a role in the lives of children. And for good reason. Research has shown that musical education can benefit children in many ways.  Music can: Boost brain development Improve information processing and problem-solving skills  Enhance bonding

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Teaching Interactions with Preschoolers infographic

A Week at Lemberg Children’s School

When I found out I would be the only science teacher in my Brandeis Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) cohort, I was intimidated. I was worried there would be nobody able to support me in becoming the best science educator I could be. This all changed when I was introduced to Associate Director of Environmental Education, Sylvia Kohn-Levitt at Lemberg. After spending a week with her, high school chemistry teacher Elyse Hahn, the high school interns for the Lemberg Environmental Action Force (LEAF), and the preschool students, I feel more prepared than ever to enter my first year as

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Environmental science, multiracial children looking through magnifying glasses at specimens

Environmental Science: Let’s Get Outside and Learn!

Environmental Science: Let’s Get Outside and Learn! Environmental science in summer  Some of my fondest childhood memories are making mud pies under the thick canopies of evergreen trees—and eating green onions straight from the garden. Back then, I found it strange how my mother knew I was the one digging up vegetables faster than she could plant them. The bunnies and I happily ate through the garden, leaving no harvest behind.  Was my onion breath the real giveaway? Or the results of my foiled plan? I would eat most of the onion but leave enough of the stem—and replant it—so

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Attachment Theory

Attachment theory is an important area of research that can help us understand relationships and bonds between people. All human relationships, especially during early childhood development, require a connection. But what is attachment, exactly? How does it form and what makes it healthy or unhealthy? And how does a healthy attachment help an infant learn?  In this article, we’ll review: The definition of attachment Attachment theory Stages of attachment during infancy The Strange Situation Types of attachment Learning through healthy attachment Learning through imitation and serve and return Infant education and resources What Is Attachment? Attachment is defined as an

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social emotional learning young girl holding up homemade smiley and angry face yellow construction cutout

Teaching Social-Emotional Learning at Home

Part One: Relationship Skills There’s no question—we learn with others and by observing, listening, and trying to do what others do. We react or respond to others and the world we are in. You play a  crucial role in a child’s learning environment. Children of all ages benefit from understanding more about their feelings and growing their social-emotional learning (SEL) skills. SEL skills help us understand our emotions as well as allow us to guide our responses and demonstrate empathy for others. You are the model for a child’s social-emotional learning, and you may be modeling this behavior without even realizing

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