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Lemberg Cloud is an online space for children and caregivers to take classes and access educational resources.

Our Story

Lemberg Cloud is a dream centered in connection and expansion. Community members of Lemberg Children's Center came together in the Fall of 2020 to expand the online and overall presence of the center and the work that it is commited to. We have worked to make this a space of genuine connection to each other as students, caregivers, and communities.

We are honored to share this space with you all in its begininning stages, and we can’t wait to share more as we continue to progress.

Lemberg Cloud

Who We Are

father clapping for daughter smiling

We learn well doing the things we love.

Play ~ Grow ~ Learn

Lemberg Cloud is an online platform of educational resources, videos, and programs for caregivers, educators, and children.

In our Learning from Home sections, there are free and membership-based video lessons that you can watch/take at your own pace, times, schedule, and needs. Additionally, there are some lesson guides to continue/expand the learning with your child after the video ends. And, we are working consistently to upload more. These lessons are broken over a wide range of 9 lesson categories for both Toddlers and Preschoolers: Art, Language and Literacy, Music, Mathermatics, Physical Development, Personal and Social Development, Social Studies, Drama, and Science. 

Under the Adult/Caregivers section, we are proud and honored to host resources, lessons, and programs lessons from the Arts For Critical Thinking and Janet Fuch’s Environmental Education Program. 

Coming Soon (for members): We will be hosting live online video classes and blog posts through our membership community.



At Lemberg Cloud, We know play is essential to a child’s growth and education. That’s why we strive to make all of our lessons and experiences centered in play and curiosity. This curiosity acts as a means to learn and make connections with one another. 


Our teachers are committed to the growth of every child and adult. With our flexible online platform, you can take classes at your own time, pace, space, and needs. 


Playing and growing means learning is happening! At Lemberg Cloud, we want learning to be fun, expansive, and grounding. That’s why our lessons, videos, and resources are made with deep care and extensive preparation. 

Meet Our Instructors

Magdalena Abrego headshot

Magdalena Abrego (she/her)

Magdalena Abrego has worked as a Teaching Artist throughout the Northeast since 2011.

Janet Fuchs headshot

Janet Fuchs (she/her)

Janet Fuchs, M.Ed., is the Environmental Education Director at the Lemberg Children’s Center.

Sieara Lopez-Jones headshot

Sieara Lopez-Jones (they/ them/she/her)

Sieara Lopez-Jones has been at Lemberg since 2012 as a Teaching Assistant, Teaching Fellow, Head Teacher, and parent.

Renee Silva headshot

Renee Silva (she/her)

Renee Silva is a visual artist and educator in Providence, RI, and the Boston area.

Catrina Combis headshot

Catrina Combis (she/her)

Catrina Combis has been a teacher at Lemberg since 2018 as a Teaching Fellow and a Head Teacher.

Hannah McCowan headshot

Hannah McCowan (she/her)

Hannah McCowan holds a BA in Theatre Arts from Brandeis University where she graduated in 2019.

Joshua Rose (he/him)

Josh has been working with children since the year 2000, getting his B.A.

Sophie Gore headshot

Sophie Gore (she/her)

Sophie Gore is a theatre artist and educator currently living in Philadelphia, PA. 

Jessie Gronowitz headshot

Jessie Gronowitz (she/her)

Jessie is currently a junior at Brandeis University studying music, psychology, and education.

Tatyana Emery headshot

Tatyana Emery (she/her)

Tatyana Emery is a Rising Senior at Tufts University studying Drama and Education.

Amber Gao headshot

Amber Gao (she/her)

Amber Gao is an early childhood educator and a music lover.

Susanna Katsman headshot

Susanna Katsman (she/her)

Susanna studied ballet and folk dancing in the Former Soviet Union. She joined the Lemberg community in 2006

Eva Murray headshot

Eva Murray (they/ them/she/her)

Eva is a theater artist, educator, director/choreographer, creative collaborator, and performer.

Chandra Pieragostini headshot

Chandra Pieragostini (she/her)

Chandra Pieragostini serves as a Preschool lead teacher and is the summer on-site director for the Lemberg Children’s Center.

Kumiko Yamamoto headshot teacher at Lemberg Cloud

Kumiko Yamamoto (she/her)

Kumiko is currently a toddler teacher at Lemberg Children’s Center. She loves to laugh with children, play a Japanese drum called Taiko, and go running.

Jehman Williams headshot teacher at Lemberg Cloud

Jehman Williams (she/her)

Jehman joined Lemberg in 2017 as a teaching assistant and advanced to her role as a teaching fellow in 2020. She also designed our Lemberg Cloud logo! 

Sylvia Kohn-Levitt headshot

Sylvia Kohn-Levitt (she/her)

Sylvia is the Associate Director of Environmental Education at Lemberg, where she brings children of all ages into the garden to explore and learn.

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