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Lemberg Cloud

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Lemberg Cloud is an online space for children, educators, and caregivers to take classes and access educational resources.


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Children can click on their own where they see these symbols.


Our Mission

Play: At Lemberg Cloud, We know play is incredibly important to a child’s growth and education. That’s why we strive to make all of our lessons and experiences centered in play and curiosity. This curiosity acts as a means to learn and make connections with one another. 

Grow: Our teachers are committed to the growth of every child and adult. With our flexible online platform, you can take classes at your own time, pace, space, and needs. 

Learn: Playing and growing means learning is happening! At Lemberg Cloud, we want learning to be fun, expansive, and grounding. That’s why our lessons, videos, and resources are made with deep care and extensive preparation. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

This site is for toddlers ages 18 months to 3 years old and preschoolers ages 3 years to 6 years. Coming soon (date TBD) will be lessons and resources for school age children.

Yes, we have set this site up with content specifically for the navigation of children in their sections. Our navigation guide is set up so you can help your child(ren) understand how to stay on the kids sections. These sections are safe and functional, online spaces for children.

Yes, we are so excited to provide lessons and resources for caregiving adults:

  • Thinking in Music/Arts for Critical Thinking Certification Program
  • Educator/Caregiver Resources 
  • Environmental Education Program (and book for purchase)
  • We are working on adding resources to each lesson for caregivers to continue the learning!
  • Coming soon (date TBD): we will be launching our Blog for caregivers/educators

We learn well doing the things we love.

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